Serreta Island Home AL

Serreta Island Home AL

Authenticity. Identity. The past, present and future aligned. Rusticity.

Natural beauty around you. The green. The sea on its horizon. The blue. Where the islands of Graciosa, São Jorge and Pico can be sighted.
The animals in the field. Contact with nature. The sun. The rain. The stones. A place to enjoy life and the magnificent sunsets. Finishing another day, one more day. A salamadra to warm the nights. Windows to delight and fill the mind. A perfect place to read. To grab the blankets. To have historical meals. Slow food. To relax. To be.

The main house (# 1) has 2 bedrooms with 2 double beds, two bathrooms, a large living room supported by a living room upstairs, a dining room, a kitchen (fridge, stove and oven, microwave and dishwasher), with a rustic stone stove, and an engine room (where you have washing machine and dryer).

The Casa de Pedra (# 2), is a loft, which has 1 bed room, with a double bed on the 1st floor, with the living room connected to the kitchen (fridge, stove and oven, microwave) in the Ground floor.

Both rooms have private parking.

This is a magnificent place where you can spend a few days with friends, family or as a couple. Mixing great sights, with a calm way of life, the church bell ringing in the background, away, trying to stop time. The contemporary and the old.

The houses can be rented together or separately.
Minimum length of stay: 3 nights.

Bike Friendly Facilities

  • Bike secured garage;
  • Bike washing facility;
  • Cyclist menu (carbo,fruit and veggy);
  • Overnight cycling clothes laundry;
  • Mini-Bike repair station with basic tool set and pump;
  • Bike parking lot;
  • Bike routes for road and/or mountain biking (with maps,technical data and GPS tracks)

Optional Friendly Facilities


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Not available


  • 16,27km
  • 552 m
  • 372 m
  • 28 m
  • 1h

  • Ponta do Queimado Ponta do Raminho Reserva Florestal da Serreta

RIDE 1 [Easy]

Easy Circular road course


  • 43.11 km
  • 1221 m
  • 1028 m
  • 95 m
  • 4h

  • Reserva Natural da Serra de Santa Barbara e Mistérios Negros

RIDE 2 [Moderate]