Quinta das Escomoeiras

Quinta das Escomoeiras

The estate produces Green Wine - is part of Green Wine Route - and fresh fruit jams from the Quinta. Its vineyard as well as the fruits and vegetables are organically grown, with certification process in progress. The proximity with the Ecopista built on the former Tamega railway line and the characteristics of the region provides interesting walking and cycling. The accomodation has 9 rooms, all equipped with bathroom and heating, an outdoor pool and showers with sauna and Turkish bath. The car parking within the Quinta, is free as well as access to the wireless internet. The accommodation price includes breakfast and the enjoyment of the outdoor pool and showers as well as 5 bikes that can be used for free by guests. The Quinta has 3 Kayaks (2 singles and 1 double) which can be rented for tours in Rio Támega.

Bike Friendly Facilities

  • Bike secured garage;
  • Bike washing facility;
  • Cyclist menu (carbo,fruit and veggy);
  • Overnight cycling clothes laundry;
  • Mini-Bike repair station with basic tool set and pump;
  • Bike parking lot;
  • Bike routes for road and/or mountain biking (with maps,technical data and GPS tracks)

Optional Friendly Facilities

  • Bike rental
  • Specialized bike guides
  • Phone support line with emergency
  • Associated bike shop for repair
  • Transfer service

Special Offer Code:

Price on request

Special Offer Code:

Price on request

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  • 49km
  • 1431m
  • 485m
  • 124m
  • 5 a 6 horas

  • Quinta das Escomoeiras; Ecopista; Gémeos; Ourilhe; Caçarilhe; Gagos; Muchões; Graceira; Vila Nova; Padredo;Canedo; Tâmega river; Tâmega bridge; Seara; Remoinhos; Celorico de Basto

RIDE 1 [Moderate]

Medium/high difficulty route that develops in different settings such as crop fields, pine forests, rural areas and ecovia always with the mythical mountain of Sra. da Graça as background. The route takes us to the Celorico de Basto and Mondim de Basto region and a large number of villages around these two small towns. The Tâmega river will always be present in the route and we may discover some of its stunning places and landscapes along its banks.


  • 43 km
  • 1322
  • 639m
  • 128m
  • 5 a 6 horas

  • Ecopista; Celorico de Basto; Molares; Fermil; Vila Nova; Corgo; Canedo;Tâmega river;Tâmega bridge; Seara; Remoinhos; Vau; Quinta das Escomoeiras

RIDE 2 [Moderate]

With a permanent view to Sra. da Graça, this route takes us to meet several villages around Celorico de Basto. With a medium / high difficulty will be ideal choice for cycling during the morning. A part of ecovia will lead us to ride surrounded by vast vineyards, being an area rich in the production of green wine.


  • 64 km
  • 1365m
  • 506m
  • 70m
  • 7 a 8 horas

  • Quinta das Escomoeiras;Ecopista; Vau beach; Raposa bridge; Remoinhos; Seara; Tâmega bridge; Mondim de Basto; Lugar de Paradança; Lugar de Rebordelo; Fridão; Amarante; Ecopista; Lourido

RIDE 3 [Difficult]

Route of higher difficulty that begins in Quinta das Escomoeiras, located in a valley on the left bank of the Tamega river. On this route, ideal for those looking cycling with some degree of demand, we can visit Mondim de Basto and Amarante city with its great historical and cultural heritage. The Tâmega river will always be present throughout the route as well as small towns that emerged in its banks establishing a close link between the people and the river. The railways lines currently inactive were recently adapted to Ecovias, allowing cycling and reliving some of the railways history.



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