Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa

Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa

Plan a holiday and enjoy the relaxing laid-back lifestyle of the Portuguese countryside, with an added personal touch. We offer personal service and attention to detail in the peaceful quiet of beautiful Portugal. A balanced mix for both, for nature lovers and bon vivant.

Shady spots in a beautiful garden, a pool overlooked by tall palm trees, and a full bar. This is beauty and comfort in the Serra do Açor region.

Quinta da Palmeira is designed to make you feel right at home. All our stylishly decorated rooms exhume peace and quiet. Our living/sitting room leads to a charming patio, the staircase features a modern stained-glass window and our dining room, with warm yellow walls and aubergine upholstery, opens onto a veranda from where you can observe village life as the Portuguese live it.

And you´ll be happy to be dining with us: our menus are daily prepared with only the best & carefully selected fresh local products from the farmer’s market and from our own herb & vegetable garden. You can expect gourmet food but with a down-to-earth attitude. Our wine cellar offers an excellent selection of regional and national wines.

And enjoy our luxurious private Spa with Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam and a fireplace.

The owners, Jack Brouns & Ana Volcarte.

Bike Friendly Facilities

  • Bike secured garage;
  • Bike washing facility;
  • Cyclist menu (carbo,fruit and veggy);
  • Overnight cycling clothes laundry;
  • Mini-Bike repair station with basic tool set and pump;
  • Bike parking lot;
  • Bike routes for road and/or mountain biking (with maps,technical data and GPS tracks)

Optional Friendly Facilities

  • Bike rental
  • GPS rental
  • Phone support line with emergency
  • Associated bike shop for repair
  • Cyclist Massage
  • Meteo forecast
  • Transfer service

Special Offer Code: Special Offer Code: Quinta.Palmeira.2020.01

Offer standard double room:
Day 1: Check-in from 14h to 22h and rest of the afternoon free
Day 2: Breakfast + bicycle rental+ Dinner in Quinta da Palmeira
Day 3: Breakfast - Check-out (11h)

Promotional Price:169€

Price: € 169 per person

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  • 25,41 km
  • 651 m
  • 455 m
  • 182 m
  • 3h

  • Coja fluvial beach.

RIDE 1 [Moderate]

Moderate ride easily accessible to everyone in which half of the course is along the river Alva and the other half with views to the Açor mountain.


  • 14,71 km
  • 795 m
  • 681 m
  • 274 m
  • 1h30

  • Açor mountains.

RIDE 3 [Moderate]

8-shaped path that if you wish to perform only half, you can easily return to the paradise that is Quinta da Palmeira.


  • 32,68 km
  • 1.007 m
  • 801 m
  • 237 m
  • 3h30

  • Fragas da Pena; Açor mountains.

RIDE 2 [Difficult]

Ride in the Açor mountains where they exit from the comfort of the Quinta da Palmeira to ride through beautiful areas.



  • 20 km
  • 553 m
  • 742 m
  • 269 m
  • 2 h

  • Açor mountains.

RIDE 4 [Moderate]

Road ride in which half of the kilometers are gradually rising until the Açor mountains, after that always go down to the Quinta da Palmeira.