Quintal Além Ribeiro

Quintal Além Ribeiro

In fact, this house of rustic architectural design but however noble, has several chronological references that transport us to the XVIII century and to the time of the Napoleonic wars. It was with the aim to restore and maintain conserved this valuable family heritage, that the owners decided to open the doors of this house to anyone looking for fresh air and natural beauty of the landscape of the Lousã mountais.

Bike Friendly Facilities

  • Bike secured garage;
  • Bike washing facility;
  • Cyclist menu (carbo,fruit and veggy);
  • Overnight cycling clothes laundry;
  • Mini-Bike repair station with basic tool set and pump;
  • Bike parking lot;
  • Bike routes for road and/or mountain biking (with maps,technical data and GPS tracks)

Optional Friendly Facilities


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  • 15.25 km
  • 382 m
  • 211 m
  • 75 m
  • 1 h

  • Ceira River, Cume, Mingachos

RIDE 2 [Easy]

MBT route, easy for all. Ideal for those who want to start in the sport, or just take a ride on MBT.


  • 48.95 km
  • 1.517 m
  • 1.182 m
  • 84 m
  • 4 h

  • Rio Ceira, Lousã, Trevim

RIDE 1 [Severe]

MTB route, very difficult. Prepare yourself because it will climb over 1000 meters, which has a spectacular view of the Lousã. And then down the same height.



Not available