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What is a Bikotel?

A Bikotel is an accommodation unit that is part of the Bikotels network and by that is recognized as having good practices in cyclists lodging, understood as a number of facilities and services specially designed thinking in the needs of those that consider road or mountain biking the most important thing in the world.

What will i find different in a Bikotel?

You will find an accomodation that welcome cyclist and someone who is keen to help you in our cycling vacation, from providing security and care for your bike to the right food for a cyclist.
For sure you will find:
Bike secured garage;
Bike washing facility;
Cyclist menu (carbo,fruit and veggy);
Overnight cycling clothes laundry;
Mini-Bike repair station with basic tool set and pump;
Bike parking lot;
Bike routes for road and/or mountain biking (with maps,technical data and GPS tracks)
And optionally you may find or ask for:
Bike rental
GPS rental
Specialized bike guides
Phone support line with emergency
Associated bike shop for repair
Cyclist Massage
Meteo forecast
Transfer service
Doctor available (or on demand)