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Can i book more than the lodging through

Yes, send us an email to and we can help you planning your route and booking other services like bike rental, luggage transfers, GPS rental, maps and others.

What can i do in "my tour" page?

You can choose combination of bikotels and routes connecting them, building you own cycle holiday and in the end ask for a booking of all the services needed.

What is the Bikotel project goal?

Our goal is to set up a network of accommodations, shops and other partners that have bike friendly good practices, which is also a way of contributing for a better environment. We pretend to help turning Portugal a privileged destination for cycle tourism with exceptional conditions for cycle lovers.

Why exists the Bikotel network?

Bikotel label qualify its partners and recognizes the good practices of accommodations and related partners in facilities and services for cyclists. Bikotel partners are specialized business agents related or focused in bicycle users, people that holiday on bike is a must be. Being a Bikotel member makes you different in the tourist world in a positive and distinctive way, turning your place the first choice for bikers.