The practice of cycling is, increasingly, a factor of tourism promotion and development, be it recreational or sports.
The Bikotel project brings together a set of units and destinations that want to position and differentiate in a very specialized niche that is bike tourism. In this way, we support the units and/or regions that are intended to specialize or prepare with a set of infrastructures, products or services that meet the needs of tourists.
It should be noted that the existence of infrastructures, requirements, services and products can be the starting point, to be accompanied by a communication and promotion strategy, which allows the activation of cycling products.

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In a fast-moving world, we face a change of eyes on opportunities. We bet on an App model that can connect guests to the accommodation and its surroundings.
These mobile applications allow users to explore the region's points of interest, discover activities and events, and navigate cycling and/or pedestrian routes associated with the accommodation unit that owns this technology.
Know its features:


Apresentação do alojamento Pontos de Interesse Percursos Atividades / Eventos



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Bikotel® helps turn any type of accommodation into a Bike-Friendly.
Do you want to transform your hotel into a bike-friendly hotel, increasing your revenue by opening up to a growing tourist niche?
We have the following Bikotel products at your disposal:


Together with its partners, Bikotel® equips accommodation belonging to the network with equipment and infrastructures necessary for the safety, maximum protection and comfort of the users of bicycles in these spaces. Our solutions are imaginatively designed to meet the specific needs of bicycle users.

Together with its partners, Bikotel® produces signage for accommodation, giving priority to durability, low maintenance, use of domestic and environmentally friendly raw materials.


In partnership with Scott, Bikotel® equips hotels belonging to the bike-friendly network with bicycles to be used by its guests. The style of bicycles (MTB, hybrid, road, eBike) will be scaled taking into account the existing routes around the bikotel.


Together with its partners, Bikotel® produces information panels on cycling routes for accommodation, giving priority to durability, low maintenance, use of domestic and environmentally friendly raw materials.


  • Desde que entrámos para a rede Bikotel, em 2014, tivemos noção do potencial do projeto e decidimos apostar em instrumentos que permitissem a diferenciação da oferta de produtos e ao mesmo tempo um reforço da notoriedade da nossa unidade. Foi criada uma rede de percursos pedestres e cicláveis em que os hóspedes são desafiados a descobrir a região e todas as suas singularidades, aumentando o tempo médio de estadia. Procurou-se despertar o efeito “uau” e conseguir que no final o hóspede seja levado a pensar: "Sim o hotel é fantástico, mas mais importante que isso permite-lhe descobrir a região como nenhum outro".

    Rui Anastácio, CEO Cooking & Nature